Intro questions in an ordered list
  1. Andrew Rochat, Computer Science, Junior
  2. I am interested in front end web design and I wanted to learn more about design. Furthermore, I need to take humanities classes, and this not only counts as a humanities, but also helps me in computer scienec
  3. I have done a bit of html from cse330, but I don't know much about it, and I am not great with css either.
  4. I want to get better with web design and learn how to produce clean websites.
  5. I haven't taken many art classes but designing on a screen is going to be harder, since the little things such as color and location are hard to specify.
  6. provides effective design since the website changes based on the size of the screen, making it very easy to read at all sizes
  7. I think wiki pages are very effective at communicating the important information to the user. Furthermore, these pages break up the web page sections into big headers and sub headers so the user can find exactly what they are looking for
  8. I think websites like netflix and youtube work very well since they carefully organize their page to have menu bars on the side, search bars up top, and heavy info in the middle. Even with long lists, they make their shows and videos into tables with headers so the user can quickly scan the data.